March 23, 2012


Ok. Let's just face the brutal fact of reality.
People are never easy on you. Life is never easy on you too.
in life, every time you are about to achieve something or maybe, have (achieved something),
there is always this one or two (or maybe more) person who'd tryna' take you down and ruin you.
there is always this one or two things that didn't go your way, the way you hoped it'd be. and that crushes you and frustrated the theme park out of you.

"Don’t let haters get me off my grind
Keep fighting until I get there "

Yeap. We did nothin'. Absolutely nothin'. but those guns are still pointed at you from many different directions.
And you don't feel safe. Because you think you will never make it. You will never gonna win. Because there are just so many people, going against you. and sometimes you just feel like, even the world is going against you.
Yeap. I got you. and that's why. I believe that we always have to keep these simple questions in our mind :
What and who makes us stronger. ? what are we fighting for? what makes us a fighter?

Believe me, those simple questions are enough to make us brave and confident again to go through coming days with a spirit of a fighter ; to NEVER back down.

"Because You are your own fighter.
Never back down"


acan ketot said...

fight till die!!
thumbs up..

Aiman & Adam said...

Thanks =)