September 14, 2012



I wonder how He, She, They and even You, deal with it. ??
But it also occurred to me that some people just choose to ignore it and avoid it.
And that, I'm telling you, ain't good!
But there are people who prefers to just deal with it and finally, “found” a way to get out of it.... it's just, that, it seems to be the wrong path to turn to and it will eventually cause you MORE problems!

and so,
I think.
Somehow, with doin' exactly nothing right now.
I can sit, down and think like no one could if they have something burdening "glued" on top of their heads.
Stress, problems, stress and lotsa stress and problems!
It’s killing you if you're paying too much attention to it.
And it's killing me to think of how to put up words together to make what I'm tryin' to tell you here, right now, as something that makes hell a lot of sense.

I've been dealing with problems since only God knows when.
And yeah, like I said before, it kills. Somehow, you know.
Each and every day, as I was growing up.
I've dealt with problems in a way that I shouldn't. The way that, now, doesn't seem to be the right way to go with.
But I've learned from every mistake (well, not exactly "Every").
And I became much wiser than a bunch of "Claimed-to-be-normal+genius" people who finally ends up with a Psychiatrist every Sunday afternoon.

You see...
If you deal with those "whatsoever-claimed-to-be-a-problem-to-you" problems,
calmly and bravely. You will somehow find a way to get out of it, brilliantly.
And "Bluetooth" that particular problem to someone else (Meaning? We sometimes deal with the very same problem.. but not everyone could get out of it the way that you did.)
And deal with another problem with the exact same method, “Calm and brave.”

You see, If you're in a very calm position, you can actually figure things out wisely,
the next step is just to deal with it once and for all, bravely!
but if you're in a very messy position, all you can think of... is just

Example ;

"Yeah, I better just keep on lying to her... She'll never know that I've cheated on her. Plus, it was just a, one night stand with Cherryl. Cherryl will never tell her bestfriend that she slept with her boyfriend. Yeap. I should just keep my f*****g mouth shut!................................................................................ owh, I haven't eat yet, I better get myself stuffed now, and then go get a quick nap, then hang out with Chris, then, bla,bla,bla...".

When you're in a very messy position, you tend to not thinking straightly. And ends up with foods and chicks at the back of your head. 
So, just when you thought that you've found a way to get out of it (the problem) with keep the “movie” rolling, after 3 months of "purrr-fectly" I'm-not-guilty face plastered on your very good looking facial.....

Cherryl comes over to your house while you, "un-guiltily", are smooching over your girlfriend that you've cheated on, big time.
 (Cherryl) panickly and accidentally stumbled on your suddenly-turn-to-a-very-shock expression with words "I'm carrying your baby", "You've gotta marry me", "My mom are gonna kill me!".
while your “surprisingly” shock girlfriend get buzzed with words : "I've cheated on you with your bestfriend", "I've stabbed you behind your back", "We're getting a baby! YEAY!" by your own and your, what you thought was just a one-night-stand-but-now-my-child-in-her-womb girl's action.

See, things got even worse!

So, do deal with problems, calmly and bravely.
'till you finally realized that nothing could ever stop you from living your life to the fullest!
Sometimes, the only way out isn't the way we hope it'd be.
Like that example I just gave you above.
If you come clean and tell your girlfriend that you did a mistake that's not meant to
be forgiven and you screwed up big time.
Most of us can get this figured out, right?
Not all could take it easily, calmly and most importantly, “Understandably” (wait,
you cheated on your girlfriend, not with just any girl, but her bestfriend indeed.
What's there to understand about?? Screw you!! =) ).

So, she got so messed up and fucked up over your confession.
She left you. And now you’re wondering, what's the difference would it make if you
just keep on lying and didn't come clean?
Well, she'd be really hurt, so much more than she already is now. To found that out
with your one-night-stand-girl screaming "I'm carrying YOUR baby!!!", 
She'd leave you with words (such as) ; "You're a coward!! for hiding behind the
truth!!", "I swear to God I'll tell everybody 'bout this and 'bout how much of
unreliable person you are, so that no girl would ever date you anymore!" and all of
those words that's possibly to be nothing else but Curses. While Cherryl, is busy
shouting these ; "Yeah, I can't believe that you managed to put me up on your bed!
and let you........ IN without any protection!!”, "You said that everything would be
okay and now I'm pregnant! She's (pointing to your girlfriend) right! you're a liar! I
should never trust you!! 
Now marry me!!!"
And so, you ended up with numerous, new problems.
One of 'em? Marry Cherryl the one night stand girl. KA-CHING!

And YES!!
Problem will always hunt us. it's a circle of life.
You can never stop them from coming. It's a lesson that we'll learn out of it, eventually.
Your only problem is "how to have no problem at all for the rest of your life".
Then, you really should stop thinking and start your car's engine and "hell" to the
most expensive Psychiatry centre.
I believe there must be something wrong somewhere in your head.


Don't ever deal with problems while your "Best Friend" is there with you! And by
Best Friend, I mean, not a very good one. (Yeap, go figure!)
Which brings us to “the meaning” ;
Don’t, when you're angry, upset, furious, exasperate, etc.
Seriously, if you do, I swear to God, It'll lead you to the outrageous result.

DO ;

Do deal with it before it gets worse. If you've lied before, come clean. If you've done
wrong, apologize. and bla,bla,bla.
There are only few little things that gets better in time. But most of it, it just gets
worse and worse.

Those are just some simple advices that I wanna share with all of you readers.
I hope you'll be able to think. And be smarter than just the "Awards-type-of-Smart", if you know what I mean.

Thanks for reading guys. =)

Kenapa gambar ini? 
Sebab masalah budak kecil itu ialah (dia) tak tahu nak tekan pedal kereta itu.
Masalah tu. -..-'


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