Why Am I Single?

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

It's 6 in the morning and I can't sleep. The head won't stop thinking. Trying to answer a question that has been bugging me for years. 

Why am I single?

Work commitment used to be the main reason (or should I say an excuse? lol) for not getting into a relationship. On a second thought, I'm gonna take it back, I don't think work commitment is an excuse, if I can't make time for my close friends what makes you think I have time for my other half? (ok, I'm assured now that it's not a petty excuse lol)

So now, since I'm no longer working at the moment, what's stopping myself from having one? Well, after giving some thought, I probably am a picky person when it comes to this area, or most likely I'm not trying hard enough to mingle and meet new friends, or perhaps I'm comfortable being single since I'm constantly being surrounded by friends. Yeah that might be the case (the privilege of having friends at different time zones countries so I won't be lonely regardless during the day or night)

In all probability, HE might want me to focus on HIM more right now. Who knows right? 

Besides, being single is not as bad as you think. When I think about it, those precious time alone gives me the opportunity to read, to paint, to draw, to sleep, to worry less, to not be serabut with drama, to not feel insecure, to basically have more time to concentrate on myself more. Becoming an adult, a more full and happy version of myself. 

I'm not saying that you shouldn't fall in love. I'm not saying that you should let yourself dwell in isolation. Just don't be weary about it. Brush it off if your friends make fun of it, ignore it if your relatives kept on asking about it.  

The time will come for each one of us to meet our eternal love. InsyaAllah. Kalau ada jodoh tak kemana right? In addition, what's the point of rushing it. When you rush things, you build expectation on people and if anything goes wrong, that disappointment is entirely a construction of your own expectations. So don't do that.

Because at the end of the day, we only have control on our own care and affection.
So right now, I'm just gonna paint, write, run till my lungs give out.

Written by:
Aiman Ariffin


This post motivates people who're single & helps some of them change the negative perception of being single.

Apapun, semoga Tuhan pertemukan bro Aiman with someone that u're meant to be together with. :)
Unknown said…
Like this post so much.!!!..(^_^)\/..
"concentrate on myself more"...
#Silence is golden#...

Best of luck for you & your career..InshaaAllah "man purposes while Allah disposes" (Kita yang merancang Allah yang menentukan)..just follow the flow...
Alya Aneessa said…
Your essay just be like 'Excelent' ... Besttt .. Read and read .. see the older post .. I got to say 'Happy go lucky' ... Date of birthday .. just want it to be sure .. ????
Unknown said…
Single is simple, double is trouble.. enjoy the single time!! yeahhh
Unknown said…
i'm just curious..who's adam and who's aiman... are you the same person????
bulan hitam said…
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Unknown said…
Great post! I've been single for 3 years now and have had times when I thought "when is this going to change, why have I not been able to find anyone since then" but you're right, we have to focus on the positives and remember that HE has a greater plan for us - when the time is right I'm sure everything will fall in place.

Also, great blog overall, I've just followed. Would appreciate it a lot if you checked mine out at some point as well, it's faithstatic.blogspot.com, just some reflective posts about life, similar to yours.

All the best!
Safwana Jamil said…
Love this post so much! I have the same reasons as you. Loveeee being single! "Ade jodoh tak kemana"-trueeeeee!
Safwana Jamil said…
Love this post so much! I have the same reasons as you. Loveeee being single! "Ade jodoh tak kemana"-trueeeeee!

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