The Unexpected

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Bersawang dah blog ni. Been pestering adam to update it but as you may already know, he is extremely busy with his work. One after another. I didn't wanna keep on posting my writing. Bosan plak orang baca huhu but then since adam insisted that I should just post whatever I feel like writing, so here we go! Just wanna share a story that is quite significant to me. An experience that I've earned unexpectedly.

So, after rejecting medicine, I didn't know what I want to do in life (fuuh, ayat drama). As a profession. My future was bleak. So my parents stood up and gave me the opportunity to study accountancy & finance.

I never liked accounting to be honest, but yeah, parents knows best for you kan? So blaja je la. Coming from a pure science background, those accounts subjects are like alien to me. Double entry, book keeping, balance sheet, depreciation, yadida yadida my gad! hate it. Balance sheet slalu tak balance >_< cash flow slalu hancus T_T.

But then what to do. I was already pursuing my degree in overseas and theres no way turning back after knowing how much my parents invested in me. Memang sah kena lempang kalau kata nak balik  Malaysia lol.

So I kept on denying that feeling. I forced myself to absorb everything that've been taught and then vomit everything during exam. I literally survived like that through out the whole course of Accountancy & Finance. *fuuh lap peluh.

Ehcehwah, tayang gambar graduation sikit
Came back Malaysia, then got an offer to work at one of the biggest accounting firm in the world as an external auditor. Fuuh, excited dia lain macam sikit. No, honestly, I was looking forward to working life hoping that it would be so much more kinder to me.

Having that mindset in place, my oh my how wrong was I. I hated the job. Working around the clock. Lack of resources. Constant pressure from client and bosses. High expectations from superiors. No weekends and the list goes on and on and on. I still remember how much I wanted to resign on the first week of my probation. So pathetickan. What a noob -.-"

I never did any internship before (Why would I wanna work during holidays right? huahua) I mean, I never knew working life can be so so so different from how I imagined it to be. How naive. How lame of me, yeah i know. 

EVERYBODY thought I couldn't last even for a month. When I say everybody means EVERYONE, all of them. My colleagues. My friends. My family.

But what they didn't know, what I didn't know was that, no matter how bad you dislike something, or someone, or anything, you can learn/grow to like it/them. So slowly, I grew liking what I was doing. Of course, with the help of supportive family, colleagues and friends (listening to me ranting about how stressful work is lol you can ask adam, dia selalu jadi mangsa huhu)

But then, I managed to stay in the firm longer than most of my batch. You have to understand, the turn over rate in my company is exceptionally super high. The number of people in and out is like liquid, so volatile. To stay long in the firm is actually an achievement. Really. 

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, don't ever look down at other people when they are going through crisis cause at the end of the day, they might do better than you do and to never give up. Cause you yourself might surprise what you can actually do. Cause I definitely surprised myself. You'll never know how far you can go until you push yourself to YOUR limit

But I left the firm due to family reasons. Mom's not feeling well so being the youngest in the family with no commitment what so ever, I've decided to be take a break from my career life to focus on my mom (Nicer way to say that I'll be bumming around huhu)

Since I'm unemployed, I've been actively seeking for new opportunities. So I'll share my interview tips with you guys out there who are currently looking for a job in my next post. InsyaAllah.

Till then, stay positive, have an open mind and be strong.

Written by,
Aiman Ariffin


Liane00 said…
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Amir said…
ambik accounting dgn background sains..
been there done that..and i serender..haha..
Anonymous said…
Saya skrg ni tgh amik foundations in accounting before this masa spm blaja sastera ... quite tough la tapi saya suka cabaran now dah second semester
Btw thanks for this post ... i hope i can also survive like you
Anonymous said…
Thank you for making me realize something today :) may Allah bless u and ur family.
KHALID said…
i totally can relate with ur story, rite now i really dislike my job, my life erh.. to ordinary n predictable ~ living with the flow kind of things, not challenging at all.. even the job offers high salary.. am i not living the life im meant to live?hmm .. btw cant wait to read ur interview tips. keep writing & happy blogging! - K :)
SabaRazali said…
congrates!!wish u luck for ur future
aarongrey112 said…
Hi, can I contact you through your email? I've something to share that might interest you.

Cinta Lestari said…
Tapi da graduate kan , bestnyaa �� i wish i can . ��
anniemaria192 said…
I enjoy reading your post guys,,, just keep posting. Life Quotes

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