June 28, 2011

Appreciation : The past, the future & memories

"Sometimes, when we got problems. We tend to forget what we once had and what we still have
What a good life we are living and what a moron we are to let those few problems cloud 'em all (good things we've got). 
and that's why, it's good to look back once in awhile. 
(those memories) remind us of what and how we were
We can look forward and choose to either be the same or change for the better
Because, for those who turns around for even just awhile to look at and evaluate their pasts, 
They are not ever gonna go worst than they've ever did before. 
Because they think. that's why they look back."

by : Hafreez Adam


Hafiz Bohari said...

Omg mmg takde keje la ko ni. But the layout and all is nice btw :p

Aiman & Adam said...

hahaha! we're doing good things here. support ye. =P
and the credit goes to Aiman for the layout/design. ;)
Aku cuma edit gmbr and buat banner je. hahaha. and post 1st entry ni. haha

cycys said...

wahhhh ! tergamam tgok background :)

Aiman & Adam said...

Hehe! thanks cycy =)

hikayat aku dan mereka said...

great one! =) look back once awhile helps us to move forward.. =)

Aiman & Adam said...

yeap. it sure does. =)

k.h.a.l.i.l.a said...

1st time here. menarik ^_^

Aiman & Adam said...

thanks =)

Syu said...

I am so glad to know today that you are such a good blogger and you give me so much inspiration. Keep blogging. Ada masa jenguklah blog saya (yang dah lama tak update tu hehe). All the best, H.A :-)