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Hafreez : 2014 : Passion or Path?

where to begin exactly?

Life has been CRA.ZY.
There you go.

1st of all. I'd like to thank my mutants. I'm on the list of "Artis baru lelaki paling popular" (top 5 Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2014) because of you guys. It's indeed, an honor for me and I appreciate it so much.

Let me say few things that I've been wanting to say honestly, but I just can't.

Aku tak pernah bercakap tentang kerjaya yang aku pilih secara terbuka (come to think of it. Never really talk about anything secara terbuka pung )

Wherever I'm at now, the stage I am currently at now, Aku sangat happy dan bersyukur.
It's not where I pictured myself to be at, 2 years back.
This is already big enough for me.

Tapi rezeki, kuasa Allah. siapa boleh sangka dan sangkal kan.

But honestly...
(I) don't know if I'm up for it.

It was never my dream to be a model nor an actor.
At first, when I started this (acting).
I did it because the door was opened for…

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