July 19, 2011



"Love" is such a universal word. You can use it in numerous different kind of ways. We usually use the word "love" towards something or someone that we truly really cherish. I can say that I love to eat Ice-Cream and I love being noble or I love my family. Therefore, usually we mostly use the word "love" to express our feelings.

Eternal Love

They say that when you found someone that expresses the same feelings as you are, you should be the happiest person on earth. You can consider yourself as the luckiest being on earth. Here is a question for you.

How do you value the word love?

Different people have their own different views or values on "love" So how do we know if they truly mean it when they say the word "love"? I've been thinking for quite some time now but as far as I'm concern, for now is NONE. Thus, love for me is like a gamble.

Love is a gamble?

Gambling is the riskiest game that you would ever play with, especially when you place your feelings on the table. So what? Don't love? Ignore the feeling deep down in our hearts? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Who knows?

Nature of Love

Therefore, it is pretty normal for lovers to end up being haters, allies becomes enemies. Right? "love" and "suffering" play its part in the cycle of life that we are living in. So I guess it's okay to say if you are planning to dump someone or you have been dumped by someone.

It's not what they take away from you that counts - its what you do with what you have left

Does love remain as people change?

If your lovers doesn't call you, doesn't text you every morning how they used to, do they still love you? Can changes within someone alter their feelings?

Change is a very dangerous thing. Any lack of love will effect the relationship. Hence, I say try your best to stay the way you are with your loved ones. Because you wouldn't know what will happen or what might happen in your relationship if you change.

Written by Aiman Ariffin


Si Gades said...

'Different people have their own different views or values on "love"'.
cause everyone has their own perception about LOVE itself. =)

Aiman & Adam said...

SiGades: precisely true. So before you fall inlove with someone. learn about that person first. on how much they value the word love itself. :)

Anonymous said...

who is aiman.?