July 12, 2011

My Miracle

Kekadang di dalam hidup bila perasaan kecewa itu membuak di dalam hati, you just feel like running away. As far as your heart force you to go. The sad thing is, no matter how far or fast you run, the pain will follow right behind you just like your shadows. Tiada guna sebenarnya melarikan diri daripada masalah.

Mano-a-Mano. Man to Man. Hand to Hand. Face it with your head on. 

Kalau kau jatuh, bangkit balik. Dust off the dirt and keep on walking. If you don't believe in miracles, then create your own miracles. Although your heart hurts and cries for you to stop, never give up. Don't be the prisoner of your heart. Let your mind, body and soul guide you. Be strong, trust me things will get better.

Know that you can be your very own miracle.

Written by Aiman Ariffin

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