August 03, 2011


It would be a lie if I say I don't have anything I wanna change about myself (appearance wise) I'm sure it goes the same for some of you too. Kau tak pernah nampak apa yang ada di depan mata sendiri. Tak pernah terfikir untuk bersyukur. 

Don't you know that the most part, you want to change about yourself, is the most interesting part of you?

Although some people use your differences as a tool to crush you, never let them shake your confidence.

Accepting yourself

The best solution to fight this is to accept your differences. It is easier to make peace with your differences rather than changing it.

Accept who you are
Accept the way others are
Accept the differences
Accept uniqueness

Inshallah. You'll live in a happier life :)

Written by Aiman Ariffin