August 15, 2011

As much As

Bismilah Al Rahman Al Rahim

As much as I want to ignore all this mumbo jumbo untrue rumors circulating around, truth is, I can't. 
As much as I thought that coming out clean about the whole purpose of the sincerity existence of this blog could be the solution, I'm afraid it's not.
As much as I thought to myself to believe in truth and in His righteousness on being on the right path, I was eluded.

When they say we are living in a cruel world, I ought try not to believe it till recently. So this is the real world then? Even on this Holy month of Ramadhan, masih ada segelintir manusia tidak akur akan keberkatan bulan puasa. How can you act carelessly on this month? Tidak diajarkah kau wahai manusia?

I know some will think it is not my place to preach when I lack so much but I speak of what I strongly believe in. I speak when I know that I will not defy those principles set before us. Ya Allah terangkanlah hati mereka dan tanamkanlah semangat kesabaran di dalam hati aku ini. Amin

"Fear the duaa of the oppressed person, since there is no barrier between them and Allah S.W.T" The Prophet S.A.W

Written by Aiman Ariffin


bexraz said...

nice blog...... hite me back k... done follow u..

Aiman & Adam said...

Bexraz: thank you :)