August 04, 2011

Love : Part II

Love : Part II
When that wasn't meant to be yours.

When you love someone. It's just a matter of being real. You don't fake it. You don't make it. that is true love.
Something that we should always know about from the very beginning is that, Love, it's a circle of life.
Life that contains those lil' feelings of Happiness, Enjoyment, Sadness, Pain, etc.
It doesn't always fly up high. But it doesn't always on the ground, get drag down low, either.
Love is life.

Apparently, you're just so in love. he/she is your everything. your world. your universe.
You can be soo in love. and it blinds you. it fools you.

"I love you like a love song baby. And I keep hitting 'repeat'. You're the music to my heart. a song that goes on and on"

He/she apparently doesn't love you just as much. or worse. never feel the same.

So, it doesn't work out. it doesn't go well the way you were hoping for.
does it mean, it's the end of the world?? Ask that to you, your own self. "Is this the end of the world?"
Well, what I can tell and say is, Its not. You're just going through a process of growing up.
You collapsed dreadfully. But you'll come back around. You'll get back up on your own two feet again, great fully.
It's just a process of maturing yourself up, to think better, to choose better and be better.

Yes it tears you up, yes your world is falling apart. But ask this to yourself, "Who let this happened?".
It's you, yourself. You can move on when you tell yourself to do so. you can't when you've decided to just rolling in under that very comfy comfortable and just cry and do nothing.

You are responsible for your own self. No one can ever take a real good, excellent care of you but you, your own self.
The power is in your hand. If you decided to just waste your time and let your days, maybe weeks or worse, months/years get wasted over mourning over the relationship that was never meant to be. then, go ahead, please yourself. but, that's not a wise-thinker's decision would be.
No matter how hard it slammed you down. Be strong. Life has to go on. You need to move on.
But if you decided not to care. then, you're wasting "Life". need I to tell you how valuable "Life" is to be wasted on something that's just not worth it?

Don't worry. Love will come back around. You'll fall in love again. You'll get yourself swept off your feet, head over heels all over again. for someone who's better maybe. someone worth it. who knows? We don't, for sure. So, meanwhile. Live this life. Enjoy this as much as we could. =)

It can put you through so much.

It could be you and me.

It could be him/her and her/him.

Get back up, and start living again. We're granted with this precious "lives" to live it to the fullest.
So, Live it to the fullest. =)

by H.A


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thanks Isqandar =)

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Great! ;)

Anonymous said...

I hate your blog and the writers too. I dont know you but for sure I hate you. Hate you for making me cry right now. Hate you for touching it right to my heart and make it trrmble.And i hate you coz now im finally writing this. In your blog.

Have you been devastated in love before ? I dont know. But only if you can write this well, you ve experience it. I think. I dont know. If you ve been there before, you must know how i feel. I wish somebody know.

if only i can do what you do. Write to heal, just let it go. We deeply love someone, like you ve swear to yourself ill never been so in love again like this. And one day, everything just gone..

I still remember begging him to stay when things get hard.Console him "it s okay. We will get through anything. Just stay. Please." And he just replied " i could nt even afford your make up" and just walk away.. but the things is i never really care how hard my life can be if we still together. I dont care about damn make up or what luxury i ve to left behind. I think we can just be alright if he stay. Bcoz i think the home is where he is. he just walk away. Leave me. Leave me devastated. Leave me broken to the pieces. He knows I almost half dead. But I think he just glad he ignored it.

and i think it was okay. I can live without him afterall. I have great friends and family. I m gonna be okay. Im out going and fun and people think im in a great life too. and that s why .. that why i never tell anyone about the scar it left behind . You feel just soo down inside, you carry a whole bunch of hurt it tear you apart. But you can just keep silent. You can let anybody knows because it s not fit your personality. If only i can tell someone, i wasnt okay. It justt soo hurt . You just can cry when you are alone, because people think you are are not a griefing girl. You got so much fun.but know what?. Love can turn you to something you are not. And end up you can just cry when you are alone, in the shower or in your bed. I surrounded by so many people, yet i feel so alone.

I think i pity myself. I wish i can be just like you. Write it down. Mybe it can help you a lil bit.i wish. I dont know why i write it here. Mybe i think you dont know me. So you dont judge . Mybe you not even reading this. Despite of all have hate i have, im finally glad. Just so glad i can write it down somewhere.

And it really make me feel a lot lighter. Its been two years since my breakup and i havent learn how to love ever since. But i know it will come. Mybe. I just dont know. Because there is a big hole in the heart that not even a person can see.

but above all that, Allah will help me isnt it . No matter how long does it take. Isnt it.. isn't ?