August 06, 2011

When I'm in love

When I'm in love, 

I disappear into the person I love. I am a permeable membrane. If I love you, you can have it all my money, my time, my body, I will give it all and more until I am so exhausted and depleted. The only way I can recover is become infatuated by someone else

So please love my pain. Love that we're together. Make all this suffering go away. When you look into my eyes, you hear dolphins clapping. When you look into my eyes, you see fireworks glowing. So please love me when I'm in love with you.

Written by Aiman Ariffin


ainaa said...

wow. very poetic :)

Faziranor Dayang said...

sebenarnye, i teringin jugak nak rasa diingati mcm ni, di sygi mcm ni, dah dicintai mcm ni (oleh org yg kite syg la, x syg btpe kan?)..haih..

Aiman & Adam said...

Aina: thank you :)

Aiman & Adam said...

Faziranor: semua orang pun mahu perasaan begini. Inshallah we'll find that one right person for ourseves. :) all we need to do right now is just wait and see.