September 18, 2011

Fight Against Nature

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

When was the last time I write something in this place where Adam and I share our thoughts with everyone? For the past few weeks, Adam and I, we've been having conflicting opinions on the issue of keeping this blog wide open to public or not. As he already mentioned on the previous post, I'm pretty much worried with all this HUHA people talking.

People want you
need you
exceed you
take you
love you
hate you
play you
rate you
save you
break you
but thats what makes you

But after giving it some thought, poor Adam. He really put his heart in keeping this zone, so I'll just stay strong and see how far it'll go. For the time being, I pray that people will see our sincerest intention on creating this blog.

People say crazy things regardless true or not. It's a norm. Semua orang akan bercakap tentang semua orang. We can't run nor hide from it. So there are only two options given. To face it head on or to just drop it. Sometimes it is difficult to fight against nature, it's easier if you make peace with it. I wish it can be easier done than said when it comes to this matter. 

 - by Aiman Ariffin


reez said...

:) stay strong. together u guys can face the world

Aiman & Adam said...

thanks dude =)