June 10, 2012

Walk Away

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Like a round soft bubble, sometimes I feel that I'm trapped in my own silent thoughts. Like a poison slowly, quietly, gradually eating bits and pieces of my self especially when I sleep. I'm sure sometimes you feel the same way as I do too. Why you ask? Because in real life, we have so many wounds to bind. So many cuts to heal. So many bandage to use. Its like picking up broken pieces of glass scattered all over the floor. 

To be more precise, its like taking away everything that you have, you need. Entangled with pain, sorrow, suffering, as if every light in the world reflects away from you. Just when you thought things are getting better, you push yourself to rise but what you really get is double the fall.

They say, time will heal a broken heart. But the fact is, you can never fix a shattered heart. It's either you create a new one or you live with one. 

So what to do? What are you suppose to do?

Walk away. 

Just walk away.

One day, one fine day, one miraculous day, the fear will go away. Your future will start again. So just walk away. 

Written by: Aiman Ariffin

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