October 02, 2012

Be your own bow and arrow

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Everyday we're bombarded by pictures, messages, stories filled with colors, beauties, happiness or joy without realizing that slowly like a poison it crashes you down to the bottom of you. Then, you'll start to wonder why life is unfair especially towards you. 

Pictures taken at Tumpat, Kelantan.
There is no perfection in this world 
(except for HIM of course)

Most people show things that they want other people to see of them. They don't want to be seen hurt, weak, troubled. Why? because they choose to be that way. So it's all about choices here. There is no right or wrong answer. But it'll be wrong to think that there is no colors in your life at all.

One thing I've learned from life is, when there is no perfection, the simplest thing that can replace it is contentment. Once you feel content with your life, thankful that God has given the things that you have now, then that is the greatest love of all. 

Teach yourself to see the beauty in every single little thing that you do. Learn to be content even in the tiniest things that you do. InsyaAllah, soon you'll attain true happiness.

So tell yourself that, today is the day to light up your way and just move forward without expecting it to be a good day. 

Be your own bow and arrow.
Be your own hero

   Written by Aiman Ariffin



eh blog dh bertukar wajahlah!

Aiman & Adam said...

hahaha. senang shj tukar pun. =)