October 08, 2012

Some say : "Spirit Indestructible"

In this world we live in. in this life we're living.

Bukanlah hidup namanya jika tiada halangan dan rintangan.

Things aren't gonna sail smooth as we wish. Things aren't gonna be easy. 
Things are gonna be bumpy. Things have always been bumpy.
It isn't an easy ride.

Some say you're too bad for anything. Some say you're too good for nothing. 
Some say, stop hoping. Some say, stop counting.

That "some" just say things without knowing anything.
Because that "some" have simply nothing.

Nothing good to say about. Nothing good to share about. Nothing in their little hearts. 

And they themselves, have just "Nothing" in, on and for themselves.

It's not you. It's them.

"People knock you down. People crush you good.
Some say "That's gonna be it". Some say "You're not gonna make it"
Two simple words ;"Spirit Indestructible"
- Hafreez Adam Aizat

Keep aiming. Keep counting. Keep fighting. Keep running. Keep wanting. Keep doing. 
Because you know what's waiting.

- Sincerely,
Hafreez Adam


ReventonManiac said...

Hi writer/s, I have to agree with you guys. I am falling in love with your blog as it is filled with a lot of motivation. Please do update more often..I am waiting for more stories from you guys
From a Singaporean reader
Thank you

Mmxologyy said...

Good job Hafez. Im proud of you. Keep it up!