November 30, 2012

Trouble : Part 1 : It's Us.

The world isn't cruel.
But the people in it are.

Luck is not on his side.
Was never on his side.
Growing up (as) a trouble wasn't what he'd ask for.
It's just that sometimes it's the only way to get through one particular thing at a time.
Which on the other hand, would definitely leads to the other.

He's a trouble.
He wanted to rebel.
And who let you to label?

Do you even know his story?
He doesn't need your sorry.
Doesn't want anyone to worry.

Yes. He's a trouble.
But before you start "judging"
Before you start "making" things harder.
Try this crazy method called "asking".         


This story is not about him. It's about us around him.

*Gambar sekadar hiasan. =)

by : Hafreez Adam

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Boonga_orked said...

I just want to dedicate this song for u. Fix u by coldplay. Cheer up brotah!