December 16, 2012

Express: Live Life & Love Life

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Singing, Writing, Playing instruments, those are one of the many ways for you to express yourself (at least it is for me). Besides being an Accountant (for most of the time) I'm a singer, a writer and a musician at heart whenever and wherever I can.

This is the kind of person I am. 

An expressive one. 

Happy or sad, I express myself through words, songs, musics rather than keeping everything in me or even telling anyone about my endless worries cause if I were to say something, it'll never end and I'm too afraid to be a burden instead. Don't get me wrong, I know sharing is caring but it can get annoying too at times (sharing is annoying, at times!) It's not wrong to share some of your burden with your bestest friend or family but always keep in mind that every time you talk about your pain, its like ripping your wounds open again when its about to heal.

It frustrates me sometimes when I am criticized by my limited vocabulary or countless grammatical errors in writing, criticized by my lack of knowledge in singing, criticized by my poor technical guitar skills by not only friends but also by some random people. Boo hoo!

but then again,

You can never run away from all this. This is life. It really is up to you how you want to deal with this.

As for me, I want to live in a life where it is a product of my own thoughts cause what I think about all day becomes the basis of my own life. Lets just pretend that you care and make it as a turning point or as an opportunity for you to be better. Bring yourself to another level. 

So don't be afraid to express yourself in any or every healthy ways that you want. 
Stay strong. 
Life is too short to wake up with regrets, so live life and love life.

Written by: Aiman Ariffin

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Anonymous said...

I feel you. #k