December 05, 2012


Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Sometimes don't you just want to fly away? Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Fly away from problems, Fly away from miseries and constant worries.

Waking up to a new life.

What is the point of flying high far far far away but the problem remains there? Sometimes It's better for you to face it man to man, amano to amano. The longer you prolong, the worst it'll be. It'll pull you into your own blackhole. You think you can deal with it at first but slowly you'll choke to breathe, as if you're drowning in a blackpool that youve created yourself, then itll be too late. Just get rid of it while you still can, while your love ones still can lend a helping hand. Then, you can start thinking of having a brand new life.

As for me, I've kept it somewhere far away from my heart eventhough it still holds me down. Somethings even with forgiveness it still remains in your heart. Bukan salah kau, hati yang degil. It listens to no one. So all you need to do is to be strong, to stay strong and to keep on moving on strong.  

Written by,
Aiman Ariffin

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