December 27, 2012

Rip Em Off

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Break Ups

It's okay to cry about it.It's okay to bitch about it.It's okay to write about it.It's okay be depress about it.


It's not okay when you push yourself away from everyone, it's not okay when you shut yourself out from the world, it's not okay to sulk and live in the shadows for weeks, months, years. No No No No. Do know that even though he/she has stop loving/liking you, every time someone mentions your name, her/his head will turn right towards them.  As cool and heartless they are, it is almost impossible for them to forget you. (unless dia ada penyakit ke apa ke tu lain citer la ye)

Drifting away from your love ones is the worst feeling ever
Be an adult and face it. 
Fight it like the SUMO wrestlers, SHUT.UP.MOVE.ON.

Mungkin Tuhan mahukan kau bercinta dengan dia lebih daripada bercinta dengan orang lain
Mungkin Tuhan akan berikan teman yang lebih baik untuk kau.
Mungkin Tuhan ingin selitkan pengajaran untuk kau pelajari.

Jangan Tangisi buat Bukan Milikmu

In order to grow, we need to change. So go and beautify yourself. Feel good about yourself. Get a haircut. Express yourself in your blog. Workout and Exercise. Who needs a boyfriend or girlfiriend when you have a hot sizzling toned body who sticks with you through thick & thin, through day & night? 

Showcase yourself to the world. Go out there. Meet new friends. Go to new places. Learn new things. Take up the world if you have to! Some times you just gotta rip all those negativity, pain & suffering off your chest.

Eat lotsa Ice-cream if you must to cool your wounded heart
One day, when you've finally gotten over it, you'll look back and you'll probably laugh at how silly you were acting like a kid over a lost toy. Maybe one day, one fine day when you meet your ex again, what you can say is "Remember me? I once meant everything to you" So do all of us a favor, do yourself a favor, to wake up every single day feeling stronger than before to face your fears and wipe all of your tears.

Give yourself some time to heal
Always remember to 
Think positive. Be positive. Stay Positive.

Written by Aiman Ariffin


khairul anwar said...

nice one :)

Aiman & Adam said...

Khairul: Thanx man, hope this helps :)

Naysmne said...

I really love this! Such an inspiring post :)

Anonymous said...

Maigod it cause me a tears hmmm whatever it is thank you bro and please don't stop writing okay! This thing buat I sedar yang kehidupan mesti diteruskan even after we break up with our loves one. Thanks again :)

Aurora said...

U should express your beautiful mind into books man. I should thank u for ur words of encouragement that have lift me up.tq so much 🐣🐣i feel reborn. I owe u one.