December 22, 2012

Thick Skin Warriors : the Unstoppable

p/s : Yes, I misspelled the word "Warriors" to "Worriors". Maaf. tidak perasan. Nasib Aiman bahan. =)

They say you cant
they say you'll never make it.
They call you a dreamer.
They call you a loser.
They call you.
YOU, let them.

It's time to wake up.
It's time to stand up.
It's time show 'em.

Words can't bring you down
Words will never gonna.

You own what's meant to be yours.
You own your own future.
You own it.

We are warriors.
We are soldiers.
We are fighters.
We fight.
We fight for what's right.
We stand for our rights.

It's not the end of time.
As long as we are still breathing. Inhaling and exhaling.
We are powerful enough to stand up tall and high.
To change not just us, but the people around us. the world.

So, sing this to them real losers who's been trying to drag you down with them.

"You can talk all you want.
But my skin is really thick.
I'm a leader of the crowd.
and my game is really slick.
I am Unstoppable"

Special Thanks to
Ayu cinta, Hafeezudin a.k.a Pinography, Rahimi, Zaini Razali, Danang, Idan, Nurain Nabilah, Kime Idresc, Incik Rioot, Ahmad Zulfeqar, Nafrizan Sulaiman, Az Necissa, Adlina Kamarudin & Haziq Hazim Hazemi,


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Anonymous said...

hensem betol kau ni kan..

Izz Latif said...

i loveeeee the vid!

Aiman & Adam said...

Thank you so much. The video can be shared. Please help us sending out this positive message to the community out there. the link to the video on youtube ;

Angel Hijab said...

love it. mmmmuaaahhh from ur pretty gf. salam from gombak bt 10!

Aiman & Adam said...

thanks sayang! =D

Nurul Hidayah Husain said...

Thanks for giving us positive vibes . You're good in acting and you're the best in giving motivation :') . Thanks Hafreez Adam ❤

Nurul Hidayah Husain said...
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