January 30, 2013

Impian, Cita & Harapan

"Someday, we gonna rise up on that wind, you know.
Someday we gonna dance with those lions"
- Someday by Flipsyde

They say that you'll never make it. You'll never get out of that place.
Little do they know, They are (the ones that are) gonna be there forever.
They say you're just a pathetic loser.
Little do they know, they are just not one of those believers.

Kita mempunyai impian, cita dan harapan.
Jaminan yang ada hanyalah ; "Bukan mudah"
Tanpa kerja keras. Impian, cita dan harapan tinggal "impian, cita dan harapan"

Apa sahaja yang tiada risiko?
Go for it. Give it a shot.

Be brave.
You'll get & be rewarded.

"Fly or die
Well that's the way ya do it
Nearly getting by
Well what could be more stupid?
'Cause before you know it, your life is over
At least you know you're livin'
If you get too high
Well what could be more thrillin'?
'cause before you know it, your life is over
So, Fly or Die?"
- Fly or Die by Rock Mafia

Dalam dunia ini, bidang apa sahaja yang anda ceburi
"PHD" (Perasaan Hasad Dengki) dari rakan sekerja itu ada.
There will always be that someone or two that are not happy with whatever you're achieving or have achieved.
Itu perkara biasa.


"Here's for the ones tryna hold you back
Tryna make you feel like you're less than that
Give you nothin' more better than to make you crack
But really tryna put your dreams off-track
And you'll know in the end it'll be okay
Cause all that really matters are the steps you take
And everything else falls into place
There's no price to pay, I say"
- Liberty Walk by Miley Cyrus

Just know that You've got the power to control your life.
Everything is in your hands, not theirs.
Take full control of it.
And live it.

"Future in my hands
Gotta make it count
Convince yourself it's feasible
Then there's nothin' else.
if I want it
I'm gonna get it
And I'm just sayin'"
- I'm just sayin' by Karmin

"Nothing is impossible"

Written by 

Hafreez Adam


Ainiyy Rivera said...

Wow , A+ for your writing . I like it :) wait , i nak tau ,, aiman n adam , kembar atau kawan ?

Asmaq R said...

wow..terbaik :-)
like !!!

Anonymous said...

I mean a lot when I say im happy u did it . But its hard when no one do understand bout it , n its getting even worst when u lost urself, not knowing who u really r . Whether u read this or not , im feeling grateful , its not easy to have such courage . Atikah is right .

Alya Aneessa said...

TAkda benda dalam dunia ni cantik .. sempurna cause Allah cipta untuk jadi succesful . Kalau stakat muka tak kacak bugt hati baikk .. semua org nak berkawan ? my niece and my brother face just like your old face ... But they all 'REDHA' je ... Cause Allah tak nilai umatnya dri kecantikan dan kekacakkan ??? right ? that's my Family,Teachers,Friendss and 2nd family said ...