May 21, 2013

Love the Haters.

Orang benci kita? Kita benci orang semula?
And why is that? Because we are all just the same.

Let's take ourselves, a level higher than they are.

These haters, we can't do anything 'bout them.
But we, can definitely do more than just one thing for ourselves.

In whatever we do,
There will always be that someone or two (or maybe more) that don't like us. Ultimately because they are envy with what we're achieving or have got. And for some cases, for completely no reason.

Orang akan sentiasa dengki, mengutuk dan sebagainya.
Macam orang selalu cakap. Bukan senang nak puaskan hati semua orang.
Buat mana yang termampu sahajalah. Ye idok?

Memetik kata-kata Miss Fazura kita,
"I personally feel that it is good to have some haters. They add colors to your life & help you shine."

We grow stronger and wiser, thanks to them.
Don't hate them. Love them, instead.
If you usually celebrate your lovers, why not, today, I would like to ask you guys to join me to send some love to these haters.
LOTS OF LOVE to you Haters out there. You obviously need it most :)

1 comment:

manisah mohd daud said...

finally..found something that very intereting about you hafreez adam..tadi jumpa u i sangat happy!! omg..tangan pun dah shaking..will support you always and keep achieving ur goal..never give until you get what u want..:)