January 17, 2014


Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim.

Whatever worries that you may have right now, put it aside, lock it outside. Don't let it pass through the door no matter how hard it knocks. Just take a few minutes to let yourself loose. Set all of your senses free. Let it roam all around you. 

Coming from someone living in his 20's (me, or you if you are) I'm pretty sure, not even a single day, you live without having worries eating the hell out of you. Forcing yourself to sleep while having worries whispering at the back of your head. Can you blame yourself for that? Can you? of course not! it's okay, it's in our nature, humans, to worry on things that are uncertain, unclear, unsure. 

Work issues. 
Family issues. 
Friends issues. 
Financial issues.
Health issues. 
and the list can go on and on and on
Oh hello there depression!

How do I describe myself perfectly? Hmmm a functioning depression person? Oh how I wish theres a pill that can take all that pain and worries away. A glass of water and with a magical-super-sophisticated-make worries-go-away pill would do the trick. 

At times like this, the only quote that keeps on ringing in my head is
"Happiness is being Grateful"

Surprise surprise, I actually genuinely think its true. I know it sounds too good to be true but just give it a shot. No harm in trying kan? There is some truth in that and I believe in it. Don't you wonder sometimes, why other people can be so happy and then when you compare yourself to them, you get all depressed. Especially whenever you stalk some of your "friends" on facebook (come on now, all of us are the main culprit behind our depression)

Well, I usually tell (lie to) myself that everybody has their own shit to deal with. Some of them are going through worst than I am. They just don't show it, who likes to portray their weaknesses to others right? So they only show the beautiful part of their lives, everlasting sunshine and forever blooming flowers which is unlikely not the case (get that fact in your head)

I guess one of the many ways to deal with depression is to play some tricks on ourselves. I mean of course religion is the ultimate solution but I'm speaking of other not alternative but merely additional ways to deal with depression. Now open the door and let your worries come. Remember, the trick is to be grateful with what HE has given you. InsyaAllah, life will be less painful to go through.

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Aisyah Bujang said...

Young will old..
Rich will poor...
Fine will ill...
Beauty will ugly...
So syukur with what we have now...
Soon we never know..