April 17, 2014

Don't forget to open the window

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Have you ever force yourself to sleep as long as you can so that you'll forget about the reality and swayed by the happiness in your dreams.

Have you ever compressed your feelings as hard as you could but later on breakdown in heavy tears over small things.

Have you ever indulge yourself with lotsa food and later on regret and depress over your own body.

Have you ever continuously think of the "what-ifs" or "what-would" over and over again before you go to sleep.

Have you ever over think of the past events and got lost of what were you actually looking for.

Have you ever listen to your thoughts saying "it's my fault" or "I should not have done that" before you go to sleep.

Have you ever cry your heart out till each and every molecule in your body fall in exhaustion so that you could sleep.

Have you ever feel a burden to your friend cause you kept on talking about it over and over again.

Have you ever feel as if the whole world is going against you.

Everybody has their own depression to deal with. But doesnt mean all of them acknowledge it or accept it or listen to it. Because at end of the day, the depression is just a shadow of your life. And (of course) you can get light beam into your life. Just don't forget to open the window.

Written by:
Aiman Ariffin


butterprincess said...

Yes...sakit sangat rasanya :'(

Aisyah Bujang said...

Last time it very hurt.. i blame my self hardly... i have no choice... every morning i pray hope someone or something give me new chance... sundenly something come to me and said it not your false but it was sight to show you stop doing that... let build new... lov new life now ... much better than past..