October 05, 2014

The art of Letting go

Have you ever been hurt?
Have you ever felt that feeling of agony inside of you?
Have you ever dealt with that?

For some people. Losing is probably the hardest thing to deal with.
Because... I don't know. I guess it is.

Macam-macam kita boleh hilang.
Barang, Keluarga, Mak, Ayah, Anak, Kawan, Kekasih.

Tapi jangan cakaplah yang kau hilang barang sampai keluar air mata darah.
Melampau bebenau tu.

By the way.
What about gaining? or getting.
what about it?

Orang selalu cakap,
Kita hidup ni,
We lose something to gain something.
And we will probably lose what we've gain, to gain something even better.
and the cycle will keep on going.
It's like a vicious circle.

Kadang-kadang, sebab "kehilangan" tu terlalu sakit.
Untuk gain or get something new tu,
mendatangkan rasa fobia.
Because the last one ("kehilangan") or each and every one of it, was really painful.
And you'd get so paranoid.

Jadi, macam mana nak mulakan sesuatu yang baru?

This, has got me thinking recently. Just now, as a matter of fact. (Sebab tu terus jari menari-nari dekat keyboard ni)

To start something new,
dengan rasa was-was, takut, fobia, paranoid semua tu.
That would just kill everything slowly from the very beginning itself.
Sebab sentiasa dihantui dengan perasan tu.
Things would be difficult. Really difficult.

To start something new.
You need to start fresh.
How exactly?
Let go.
Let go of those feelings (of scared, hesitation, paranoid.)
Let go of the past.
Only then you can start fresh.

Things would be different.

and remember,
Today is the youngest you could ever be.
Live it with a positive thought that the future is gonna be better than the past.
You'd waste a day being miserable over nothing if you don't let go of your past completely.

Hesitation would ruin just about everything.

So, tell me something.
Would you rather waste your days or would you celebrate your days?
And  don't ask me what's that supposed to mean.
Because you know exactly what it is.

Start fresh and live.

Hafreez Adam


Areena Damessha said...

Love reading your writing.All true though!

emma yusof said...

Scroll down your post & this post really attracts me to read. I can relate what you trying to say. Its not easy but we need courage and believe in Allah. Insyallah we will receive better :) Thanks for typing out this post :)

Naysmne said...

Totally true :) Can relate to it much.

Lily Erliyani said...


Fizah Abdul Rashid said...

Ive lost 2 bestfriend in two years..When a u lose someone.. especially the one who be there for you through hardship..stand by urside when u had trouble over ur crumble..the voice that reach out to you first before u defeats.. I wont understand through the deepest.. until... the almighty wants me to know... That they will be happy in his paradise.. waiting for me to realise...that this will be gurantee.. that frienship wld last for internity..

fifyfuyoh said...

Thanks for this inspiring writing. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right...

Aqilah Azmi said...

Thanks abg!!!
Because you know exactly what it is.

Start fresh and live.

Anonymous said...

I wish it would be that easy, once i put myself together, but it fall back in a matter of second