March 04, 2015

SPM Results

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Please read this post with an open heart and open mind. This post is not to brag about myself nor to belittle anyone. Once you do that, you are welcome to continue reading :)

The SPM huha has been waving Malaysia at this very moment. My family's whatsapp group has been buzzing on my cousins, relatives, family friend's SPM results. You name it! People can be really scary sometimes. Don't even know the meaning of privacy. Anyways, all this reminded me so much of my SPM result days. Well, truth be told, my SPM result was bad. Like really really bad. Bad probably is an understatement lol. I may look or sound smart but honestly I'm not (SERIOUSLY). I felt so small whenever I hear how well my friends did. I always drift away whenever that topic just popped out in any conversation until it occurred to me that I was depressed. I was always at one corner. Hiding. Afraid that people would ask for my results. It was difficult for me to be around friends.

Family was disappointed in me. You just know their disappointment even though they don't really talk to you about it. Probably I was away from them, since I was in a boarding school (Thank God to that). Hard to explain but I just knew that they weren't happy about it. But then I kept on doing what I do best. Which is to be in denial. I deny all those things that made me feel like I'm a failure (Take a note here, never ever use the word Failure on yourself)

So life goes on and I went on to take up my degree. Alhamdulillah I was given the opportunity to further my study abroad. Of course, it was not easy. There were hiccups along the way but then like it or not I just had to go through it. Studying abroad was challenging. Adapting to the culture. The language. The accent. The country. It was not easy for me at all. I'm not sure about you guys out there who are studying or graduate already. It was tough for me though. I had to walk, ride the bus, walk, take the train, walk, just to get Halal meat. I had to plan my time to go out just so I won't miss my prayers. I hated my life there. You can ask Hafreez Adam about it. I always complain to him whenever I get the chance to Skype with him lol. (Hooray to technology)

Putting all those aside, Alhamdulillah, I managed to get myself a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Accountancy and Finance (Don't know first class or what other class there are out there, cause I don't think Australia has that)

Now, I'm working with one of the biggest accounting firm in the world. Side by side with those who I remembered did so well in their SPM.

What I'm trying to say is, SPM DOES NOT DICTATE YOUR FUTURE. It may INFLUENCE on the field that you might choose as a career but it does not tell you what you should do, where you should be and how you should do it. My philosophy of life is easy. Everybody has his or her own goal, we even might have the same goal. However, the road to reach to that goal might differ between us. It might be easy for some people, it might be winding for some people. Allah SWT has set the paths for each of us right. So don't go on comparing yourself with others. Just focus on yourself.

Another tip, always try to be honest in what you are doing, InsyaAllah all the knowledge that you read would stick in your head and easier to understand. InsyaAllah. And please, do not ever ever say the word failure. No one should deserve to be called that. 

Lastly, wishing congratulation to those adik-adik who did tremendously well in their SPM. Keep up with what you have been doing. To those who think they could've done better, it's all right. You have tried. No point sulking over spilled milk. Give yourself a day or two to wallow about it. Then get up and start planning on your future. Wishing you guys all the best!

Gambar bagi fefeeling "walking forward" sikit lol
Written by,
Aiman Ariffin


Adilla Hasya said...

such a sweet advise :)

ReventonManiac said...

Hi Aiman, I can relate what you feel. SPM just a tip of the iceberg. There's more than just SPM. I took SATs & subject SATs and thank god I scored better. To me, it depends on the paper and the person who is taking the paper. Maybe luck isn't there yet. Try harder or take alternative exams(SATs, O'levels and etc ) so that the student can qualify for university. Hey, it work for me. Just an advice try harder or look for another alternative

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

Hi bro!! Did u make a new blog? Where has the old one gone? :)

Anyway, our life, with all its ups & downs, successes & failures, we ourselves who decide things to go our way (sometimes). Nasib manusia berbeza-beza, yng penting kena usaha & jangan cepat putus asa!

Qistin Fadzin said...

Hi Aiman, I'm guessing your are an Aquarius bcoz u sound like one :D

Fendi Rocka said...

but not everyone can have bad spm result then able to study abroad