April 14, 2014


Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

I have always been the emotional one among my friends. Not gonna deny that and I pretty much accept that. I am who I am. I'm also known for being the sensitive one. The one that can never move on with a snap of a finger. The one that can never deny and live in denial. That is why sometimes I'm always careful with whoever I let myself fall in love with cause it hurts too much. People say time will heal everything. But I believe it's not because of time that makes you forget, but time to make you strong enough to withstand the memories.

Ntah. Aku rasa kau tak boleh lupakan seseorang tu walau dengan apa cara pun. You can't and It's just not right. Once you're damage, it'll scar you for life. I know some of you would beat yourself to the ground when some nostalgic images flashes out from time to time. You feel weak and vulnerable and depress and in pain.

But guess what? Itu normal. Semua orang pun lalui semua ni. And aku rasa, tak salah pun kalau kau rindu semua tu. Those beautiful moments. Those lovely images. Those warm memories. Accept it. Find your closure but don't ever forget. Cause it's okay to remember.

Written by:
Aiman Ariffin
inspired from Before Sunset


Anonymous said...

this is jiwa...

ana said...

i feel you..